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Russ' Journal

I think I may of slipped up...

17 March 1983
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I spend more time writing about my life rather than living it because it scared the living shit out of me to have a thought or a moment in my life lost for ever.

I have a really great way of screwing everything up without even realising until it's too late and it slaps me in the face. I like to think I have everything planned out in social situations but I end up forgetting all my pre-planned convos and just play it live on the night which aids in some really bad jokes and a lot quiet moments.

I listen to way too much music and then over think about every detail within the song. If I'm listening to a record and trying to go to sleep I will normally drop the sleep idea. I like to take pictures and I like to write a lot in various forms.

I used to have a job that meant something to me; working in a second hand CD shop. Imagine it being like High Fidelity but not as cool. I also used to work in a rehearsal studio. That was a bore. At the moment I'm glorified snitch, screwing up more shit and moaning about it in this journal for my own personal enjoyment.